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The Formax Group are committed to achieve and maintain total customer satisfaction by supplying the highest quality products and services while maintaining unsurpassed levels of ethical standards. Our image is reflection of our mutual respect for each other, our customers, and the attitude we take toward being and staying superior performance. We accept the responsibility for the leadership to achieve our quality goals which will be reached through continual process improvement, innovation, ongoing training, teamwork, and the spirit and the willingness to change and move forward.

We pledge to our customers and ourselves that we will strive to offer the highest caliber products and services in our industry. We will endeavor to continually improve quality through the phases of our operations. We will act with honesty, integrity and responsibility in all relationships, professionally and personally.

Our organizational objectives are:

  • To meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • To continually improve the quality of our decisions and our products.
  • To reduce our overall costs.

It is our intent to continually improve every aspect of our organization through employee involvement, teamwork and a progressive exchange of ideas. The company will maintain the highest moral, ethical and legal standards in all of its business dealings. We will attempt to build long term partnership with our suppliers and our customers. Formax Group will provide safe and healthy working conditions for all of our employees and be responsible corporate citizens in the preservations of the environment. We will strive to generate a level of profit that insures our continued ability to finance healthy growth for the company and its employees. If all of our daily decisions are held up to these ideals, the quality of the institution and individuals involved with continually improve.

The company distributes quality products locally and internationally through a policy of continuous quality improvements we are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards for product safety and, within a cost profile agrees with our customers, world class standards for product quality and customer service. In partnership with our suppliers, our customers and our employees we are working forward a goal of total consumer satisfaction.

To this end, the quality system and supporting procedures have been prepared to satisfy the international standards, and encourage a commitment to team work, continuous improvement and quality of performance of all employees.

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